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It can be very frustrating managing energy costs. Notwithstanding, dealing with providers customer service departments. Budgeting
costs, only to discover a provider has deducted a higher amount from your account can be be challenging. There are many energy brokers, consultants and management companies in the industry to choose from. At Digren Energy we like to think we operate a little differently to our competitors. We genuinely believe in developing longterm relationships with our clients. The reality is that it takes 3 to 5 years to drop energy consumption. The exception to this is if you have large amounts of available capital to invest in energy saving projects. Most of our clients appreciate our common sense approach to energy reduction.

One of the most important aspects of managing energy is controlling the costs – not just on capital expenditure but also contractual expenditure.

Energy Savings with Digren EnergyWhat is the Digren Energy Bureau?

The Digren Energy Bureau was developed to help customers control costs, benchmark expenditure and consumption against previous years and to offer clients advice and assistance in all their energy strategy planning stages.

The basic report is designed to be a simple snapshot. Unlike energy monitoring which is real time and analytical the Energy Bureau report is based on consumed power and billing. Therefore, we calculate the unit cost by taking the total consumption for the billing period and dividing that by the total spend for the same period excluding the VAT. This unit cost is obviously higher than the published unit cost on the bill but includes standing charges, distribution charges and other levies added on the bill.

Where there are significant changes in these charges we bring them to the attention of the meter holder and liaise with the provider on their behalf if required.

Sample Report

Energy Savings Sample Report

* Unit cost is calculated by dividing the total consumption for the billing period by the related charges for the same period. Includes all pass through charges but not VAT.

Can I get more detailed reports?

Absolutely, the level of reporting depends on your requirement. However, if you are a large user and require high levels of detail over short periods of time we would then recommend the use of one of our energy monitoring options.

What else can I get from the Energy Bureau?

We offer all Energy Bureau clients independent consultancy in regard to any energy efficiency projects they are considering under taking. For example, with LED lighting there are many manufacturers, distributors and installers on the market. We offer a service where we will compare specifications and quotations for you. To remain impartial we recommend you send us scanned copies of the relevant documents but blanking out the supplier details. We then advise on the suitability of the product based on the technical specification provided.

Very simply, we offer a professional impartial opinion in regard to your energy requirements. The objective of the Energy Bureau is to give our clients peace of mind and to develop long term relationships as their energy consultants.

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